Who We Are

Voreti is a partnership between Dan Law and Adam Brett. Together we have over 30 years of industry experience developing effective websites and applications for companies large and small.

Independently we were successful freelancers with complimentary skills, and over the years we had talked of working together numerous times until, at the end of 2009, we decided the time was right, and in January 2010 Voreti was born and we started trading.

Since then we've worked for lots of awesome companies and done much of our best work. Ranging from black box e-mail filing and auditing systems to driver tracking systems for the iPad, Web, and Windows Phone, as well as regular marketing websites, print brochures, and custom content management systems.

We've also started to create some software as a service applications too. Our first, LivePath Forms, scratches an itch that we've had whilst developing websites for a few years, and we hope to release many more similar tools between project and client work in the future.